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Mini Detail

Father's Day Special

Valid: June 1, 2018 - July 1, 2018





Mini Detail Package

* Exterior Body Waterless Wash 
* Exterior Windows Waterless Wash
* Interior Windows Waterless Wash
* Interior Vacuum 
* Dust Mats
* Air Freshener

[Bug, Tar, Tree Sap, Pet Hair Removal & Excessive Dirtiness will pose additional charge]
* Wheel Clean & Tire Conditioning ($10.00 value)

* Dash & Console Surface Wipe Down

* Interior Trim Conditioning ($20.00 value)

* Exterior Trim Conditioning ($10.00 value)

* Liquid Wax Application & Hand-buffed to a shiny protected finish

Vehicle size classifications are scaled by service time and quantity of product used.  The condition of the exterior and interior (dirtiness) as well as additional requests will be factored into the time and price consideration.