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Waterless Wash Service

Vehicle Size Classification

  • Our waterless wash services are aligned by vehicle size.  
  • Our package options are scaled by service time and quantity of product used

1. Compact


2-4 Passengers

Fiesta, Versa, Prius

2. Med Car, Mini SUV


4-5 Passengers

Malibu, Altima, Soul

3. Truck*, Med SUV, 

Mini Van

Up to 5 Passengers
* Single Cab Trucks  

Santa Fe, Element, Odyssey

4. Full SUV, Ext Truck*

5-7 Passengers
* Ext Cab Trucks 

Explorer, Yukon, 4Runner

5. Ext SUV, Dually Truck*

Up to 8 Passengers
* Ext Bed & King Cab Trucks

Ram, Expedition, 2500+


Wash Package Options

The condition of the exterior and interior (dirtiness) as well as additional requests will be factored into the time and price consideration.

Exclusive Add Ons 

Wheel Clean & Conditioning

Interior Trim Conditioning

Exterior Trim Conditioning

Specialized Services 

Interior Cabin Cleaning

Leather Seat Conditioning

Car Seat Cleaning

Pet Hair Removal

Headlight Lens Restoration

Bug & Tar Removal

Clay Bar Treatment

Water Spot Removal

Engine Bay Steam Cleaning & Detailing

HVAC Steam Sanitization 

Odor Removal

Scratch & Swirl Removal

Detail Service 

Standard Detail with Steam

Detail with Steam - Interior

Detail with Steam - Exterior

Full Detail with Steam

  Prices effective April 1st, 2016 subject to change without notice.