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Waterless Car Wash Service

Size Classification

Our waterless wash services

are aligned by vehicle size


Our package options

are scaled by service time


and by quantity of product used


Vehicle Sizes

Wash Package Options

The level of exterior and interior debris as well as additional requests will be factored into the time and price consideration.

Exclusive Add Ons 

Wheel Clean & Tire Conditioning

Interior Trim Conditioning

Exterior Trim Conditioning


Specialized Services 

Interior Cabin Cleaning

Leather Seat Conditioning

Car Seat Cleaning

Pet Hair Removal


Headlight Lens Restoration

Bug & Tar Removal

Clay Bar Treatment

Water Spot Removal

Engine Bay Steam Cleaning & Detailing

HVAC Steam Sanitization 

Odor Removal

Scratch & Swirl Removal

Stain Removal

Steam-Freshen Interior

Fabric Guard

Wax & Buff

Diamond Sealant w/Teflon®

Detail Service 

Standard Detail with Steam

Detail with Steam - Interior

Detail with Steam - Exterior

Full Detail with Steam

Gift Cards



Gift Cards can be purchased online for services offered by Clean & Green Auto Care.  

Cards can be personalized at no extra cost. 

They can be printed to personally hand-deliver or electronically sent via Email.

Please Contact Us before purchasing any Detail or Specialized Service value gift cards.


Gift Cards can be redeemed online when recipients are ready to book their service appointments. 

Gift Cards for any Detail or specialized service values can only be redeemed by calling in to schedule the service appointment at 805-904-5585.

  Prices effective January 1, 2018 are subject to change without notice.